My Style

My focus is candid portraiture photography, which is to say the images I shoot are rarely staged or studio-made. I don’t want to just help you capture a beautiful image of a subject… I want to help you capture a beautiful image of a subject (or ‘subjects’) that really speaks to who they are.



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How I work

A period of consultation before any photos are taken is very important, as I use this time to gain a solid understanding of who I’m going to be photographing. We also use this time to brainstorm ideas and decide upon locations (many times it might be something as simple as the backyard, or a local park). During the actual photo session, I will be something of a fly on the wall – occasionally providing input and direction – but the goal is to have to subject focused on something or someone that they love. All examples of my work on this site have been shot in this style.


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In addition

Beyond portraiture and family pictures, I can also work with you in creating a perfect, personalized gift for a loved one – the idea being, to create a montage of artistic images of locations/items that are of real significance to the recipient.

For example, this can be a great engagement gift from one partner to another – a shot of your favorite restaurant, the location of your first date, the building or street-sign where you got your first apartment together…. you get the idea!


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